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Neon Sundown » Update v2.1.1 | Now available on live

Hello all!

I hope you have been enjoying the update so far. I just wanted to push out a quick hotfix to address some of the initial bugs and balance changes discovered in the live release. This should hopefully fix the issues some people were having with saves not transferring to V2 properly.

If anyone experiences any sort of strange discrepancies on their save files, please let me know! I have tested this new approach many times and it seems to be working as intended.


– New in-game achievement tracking


– Increased difficulty ramping on The Abyss substantially
– Increased overall difficulty on The Vault substantially
– Reduced effect of Scythe grand blades upgrade


– Fixed cloud save discrepancies when loading into V2 for first time
– Fixed save auto-transferring improperly between devices
– Fixed projectile drone not moving and just rotating
– Fixed arenas not working after unlocking in the black market