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Neon Sundown » Update v2.0.4 | Now available on Experimental!

Hey all!

The next experimental patch is now available. This can be considered the “second part” of v2.0.3, and it fixes up most of the bugs present in that version, alongside improving the upgrade system slightly.

This patch does not add anything new to it other than the card re-design. If you want the specifics you can find the patch notes in-game, but there really isn’t that much exciting about it. However this should make the upgrade system feel a bit more complete, and a good base to build on from here on out.

Phase 1 is now complete!

This will most likely be the last “Phase 1” update! The next patch will be phase 2, and it will introduce a LOT more of what’s coming in the black market. After that, there may or may not be a phase 3 depending on the stability of the game. There’s also a small chance I might hold back the trials feature, and release that as it’s own separate update in the VERY near future. (to give myself more time to flesh it out) V2 is not reliant on Trials, and I can adjust black market prices to reflect that.

As per usual, if you have any feedback on V2 so far, the best place to contact me is on our Discord server. I’ve been working alongside the community there to continuously improve the experience in V2.