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Neon Sundown » Update v2.0.2 | Now available on Experimental!

Hello again!

The next patch for V2 Experimental is now available. Same as before, this is mainly bug fixes and minor tweaks / other changes.


– Lowered the speed multiplier on Vanguard from 0.2x to 0.15x
– Increased the overall difficulty of Bloodlust
– Increased Torrent health from 50 to 80
– Enabled the wall arena modifier on Bloodlust


– Improved totem card audio pitching (uses own channel now)
– Further cleaned up the module selection screen


– Fixed burning a card you have previously picked from still appearing
– Fixed black market achievement not being given at level 50
– Fixed purchased black market items not showing as unlocked right away
– Fixed “Black Market” reward from not appearing properly in-game
– Fixed Black Market not properly taking away crystals when buying an item
– Fixed passive ability replacing wrong text component
– Fixed healing totem not detecting ship collisions
– Fixed decimal point rounding on ship stats