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Rive » Update v01.02 released!

Hi all!

We just released the v01.02 version (build 25769.9900) into the wild!

We listened to your feedback and tweaked the game to perfection! The following was added (ADD), changed (CHG) or fixed (FIX):

ADD: Choose from two more controller styles, with the left bumper and trigger switched for less analoggy jumping.
ADD: We put in an extra few game over messages, because why the hell not?
CHG: You can now switch game modes from within the Leaderboards screen.
CHG: The freshly tweaked Mission 9 rising lava level demands a tad less perseverance.
CHG: Soft Mode is offered earlier… and the game asks you again, except if you tell it not to.
FIX: We think we’ve squashed the bug that sometimes made the game crash between level switches!
FIX: Sometimes the music would go missing after restarting the mission. Making us sad because we like the music.
FIX: In Mission 10, avoiding and shooting DLL (like a real speedrunner would) caused you to get stuck.
FIX: Various bad checkpoints were steered towards a better life.

NOTE: After updating you will have to restart the mission you were currently playing.


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