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Fantasy Madness: Bloodbath » Update v0.7.89 – More Gold!

Greetings Our Friends!

Thanks to your precious feedback we know much more now on what needs to be improved, For now, we made just a small addition to give you opportunities to test Upgrades available in demo.

From now on, you will earn gold after finishing a run (either by achieving goal of the played mode or when you get defeated). Depending on the mode you play and your performance you will gain some gold you can spend on Upgrades.

The largest prizes are gained if you either kill the boss (in the Elimination mode) or survive for 20 minutes in Survival mode. There are also intermidiate goals sub-goals that provide reward.


In Elimination you get:

  • 50 for Elite Ork Grunt,
  • 75 for Elite Ork Champion,
  • 100 for Elite Troll,
  • and 150 for Warlock.

In addition, you get extra reward if you kill the boss within certain time limits, which are:

  1. 400 gold if finished under 10 minutes or
  2. 200 gold if finished under 15 minutes or
  3. 100 gold if finished under 20 minutes.

In Survival mode, you get:

  • 400 if you survive until the end of timer (20 minutes) or
  • 200 for surviving at least 15 minutes or
  • 100 for surviving at least 10 minutes or
  • 50 for surviving at least 5 minutes.

In addition, you get one piece of gold for every 50 enemies killed.

Note that quiting a run does not provide any gold reward (except for defeated Elites in Elimination mode).

Due to that change, the amount of gold received for selling items hs been significantly reduced (hence now it also depends on type of the item sold):

  • 25 for a Rune,
  • 50 for a Greater Rune,
  • 100 for Artifact.

This is a small yet important addition to the demo, to provide you with better experience and enjoy the game more.

We also made few small improvements in regards to visuals and readability of the game. One is a slightly changed color of the blood stains remaining on the ground after vanquished enemies; we think it’s simply better now and more pleasant to the eyes. Second: bigger Bomb Eggs dropped by the Known Fierce Cock, so it’s easier to spot them and notice that they are realy there and do their job.

These are just a quick and humble changes, but there will be more in the future updates, so stay tuned!

For Mother Nature!