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Nordic Ashes » Update v0.13.4

In today’s update we wanted to focus in some suggestions and fixes you sent us. And new Ragnaroks too!

Helheim Ragnarok VI & VII

We’ve added Ragnarok VI and VII to Helheim. Let us know how it feels! We know this mode was quite complicated last time, but it was due to a few bugs that were solved some weeks ago, so this ones should be plausible!

Niflheim Ragnarok I-V

We’ve also added Ragnarok I-V in Niflheim! So you can enjoy hardcore runs in this cold weather!

  • The Ultimate ability input has been improved. The icon shown in the bottom left of the screen will now glow each time it’s available.
  • Alpha settings can now be modified with keyboard and controller. Keyboard pressing I/O and controller with up/down directional buttons.
  • After an enemy is defeated, the dissolving animation lenght has been reduced, so enemies you defeat disappear quicker.
  • In manual aim, the direction of your attacks is now displayed.
Regarding FOMO

We’ve been reading your comments about FOMO in the last post, and thank you for commenting and doing it as constructive criticism, we really appreciate when feedback is written in a constructive way 😊
Our idea with themed skins or events has always been to add some variety to Nordic Ashes, but we understand your concerns. We will work on a solution to avoid this issue.

  • In some cases Yggdrasil leaves would reset.
  • The Snowman relic and the Pinecone’s shadow were not affected by the alpha settings.
  • In some boss fights the music stopped playing.
  • When activating the use of the mouse to move the character, manual aim was autoactivated. Now aim will be automatic.
  • Constellation UI texts were sometimes overlapped.

Thanks again for your feedback, comments and love ːNA_Gnokiː

As always, if you have any suggestions, issues or any kind of feedback, don’t hesitate to contact us:
🔸 Discord.
🔸 Steam Community.