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Nordic Ashes » Update v0.13.2

Hello! ːNA_Leafː
Today we have a suggestions/fixes update related to your feedback 😀

  • If you touch the Gnöki Exchange Shrine (the one in the shop, that exchanges xp for gold) once and then step away, it will exchange xp for gold 1 time. But if you stay close, it will exchange xp for gold multiple times, faster each time.
  • If you already have the maximum gold, it won’t keep exchanging xp for nothing even if you stay close.
  • This exchange shrine will also appear in the room before the final boss.
  • Changed the color of the timer that appears on the bottom center of the screen during runs so you can see it better.
  • You can now hide the UI during runs in case you want to take a screenshot pressing F9 or the left joystick.
  • Manual aim (mouse): we’ve slightly changed how it works and we hope it is now more intuitive. It will aim at you enemies while you keep it pressed.
  • Green hearts will now appear always in last position. This way you will lose them first when you get hit, as they grant you xp when they break.
Alruna balancing
  • To make unlocking her more intuitive, it will now be on Niflheim Realm. As ice potions are unlocked in this realm, it will make things more straight forward.
  • And speaking of Ice Potions. We’ve also changed the probability of them appearing on the shop, so they are easier to obtain. Before, red potions were Common and the others were Rare. Now they all have the same % of appearing.
  • Her weapon Selenite Wand, has now manual aim too.
  • If your character has earned penetration stats, Selenite Wand will have them too.
  • Alruna’s Ultimate ability: she will summon one extra Gunborg every 5 summons on her global stats.
  • The Mandrake’s cry area is now larger.
  • Splintered Bones have now a larger area. Their initial duration has been changed from 2 to 3.
  • Splintered Bones caused bleeding, but it was not specified in their description. Now it is.
  • Updated Alruna’s minions descriptions.
Hansi balancing
  • Crimson Dagger had a random target. It now targets nearby enemies.
  • Deep Crystal now starts with 2 projectiles instead of 1 and the area of effect is larger. It also targets enemies more efficiently.
  • Shadow Crossbow has now faster projectiles but they last less and have less attack speed. It now targets the closest enemies.
  • Shadow Warrior also targets now the closest enemies.
Effects visibility tutorial

We’ve added a new tutorial. In case your abilities crowd the screen and you can’t see what’s below them (the ground, your enemies…), you can always reduce their alpha so they become more transparent and you can see through them.

  • There was a know bug that made some bosses or enemies immortal. This should now be fixed.
  • Alruna’s Splintered Bones relic was not aiming correctly.
  • Sometimes, Alruna’s stats regarding her innate ability were not being added correctly when you leveled up.

We hope you enjoy this update!
Next week we will introduce Winter Season!!
Have a nice day and see you very soon! ːNA_Crystalː

As always, if you have any suggestions, issues or any kind of feedback, don’t hesitate to contact us:
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