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Bowerwhelm » Update Plan to v2.0.0

Thanks to the valuable feedback of 100+ players, this update was made possible! Without you, we would have had to resort to the classic game developer method of guessing what players want, and let’s face it, we all know how that turns out… So, a big thank you to our community for helping us make the game better and for sparing us from the dreaded guesswork!

After receiving feedback from you, I discovered that Bowerwhelm has a solid foundation for a fun game, but lacks content and progression. Frankly, it was starting to feel like a slow and painful root canal after +7 hours of playtime. So, in this new update, It’s planned to add a TON of extra content and made some small tweaks to maximize replayability. Plus, I’ll squash a few pesky bugs that were bugging players.

This update will be live in the last week of June. Here are the main points for the v2.0.0 update:

New Enemy Types
  • Jumpy Cube: This cube-shaped enemy loves to hop around and get in your way.
  • Rolling Barrel: A barrel-shaped enemy that never stops rolling, making it a constant threat on the ground.
  • Healing Sentry: A static enemy that heals other enemies, so take it down quickly to gain the upper hand.

New Maps
  • Loot Lair: A dungeon themed map, because who doesn’t love looting in a dungeon?
  • Urban Jungle: A city themed map where the concrete canopy is the sky and the people are just a bunch of apes in suits.

New Upgrades
  • Auto-Draw: A quality of life upgrade. No more hold to draw, let the game do the work for you.
  • Skill Reroll: Unlucky with options? Just reroll left and try again!
  • Second Chance: Respawn once per a game.
  • Powershot: 2x-4x damage boost when bow is fully drawn.
  • Though Skin: Reduce the damage taken.
  • Speedy Gonzales: Draw your bow faster.
  • Cover My Six: Enemies behind you? Not a problem. They’re moving in slow motion now!

New Skills
  • Lightning: Randomly hits an enemy.
  • Eye Beaminator 3000: Flying eyes shoot laser beams at random enemy.
  • Rain of Arrows: Arrows fall from above.
  • Circular Arrows: Arrows circle around the player.
  • Defense: Reduces taken damage.
  • Lil War God: A little archer boy that helps you.
  • Kamikaze paper planes: Guided kamikaze planes.
  • Bribe: Enemy that fights on your side, moving around and shooting projectiles.
  • Shuriken: Constantly thrown shurikens.
  • Markeloff: Desert Eagle that shoots on your favor.
  • Chain Lightning: Bouncing damage.
  • Killfrenzy: Damage of arrows is doubled after killing bunch of enemies.
  • Toxic Arrow: Damage over time skill like blaze.
  • Waifu: an anime girl that follows the player character around, with no effect on the gameplay.