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Tight Ride » Update Patch Notes – 27 June 2023

New Vehicle – The Rammer:

  • Introducing the latest addition to our vehicle roster, the Rammer!
  • Unlike the Buggy, it does not feature a front weapon slot but compensates with an enhanced ramming capability, blocking ramming damage and delivering a more powerful impact on collisions.
Steam Achievements:
  • Integrated Steam API
  • Added 4 initial achievements for unlocking 3 playable crewmembers and the new vehicle.
Perk UI:

  • Tweaked Perk Cards UI and added categories to each card. Made them easier to understand at a glance.
  • We made the arena more visually appealing, fine-tuned the visual effects and adjusted the lighting.
Level-based Bonuses for Vehicles:
  • Now, with each level, your vehicle will automatically improve and gain passive bonuses to its attributes, making it more powerful.
Gameplay and QoL Improvements:
  • Introduced attack token system for most of enemy types, meaning that they no longer can use their special attacks at the same time.

We got more exciting new additions and improvements coming soon. Any feedback is invaluable to us as we strive to provide the best gaming experience possible.
– Dev Team