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Tight Ride » Update Patch Notes – 01 August 2023

New crew member

We had a Demoman crew member, but it didn’t really make sense for him to have perks that affected explosive weapons, but a fire weapon himself.
So we added a crew member called Firestarter gave him Demoman’s Molotov and perks that buff fire damage.
And Demoman got a new team fortress like Sticky Bombs weapon.

Buildings and Obstacles

Added a bunch of buildings so that arena doesn’t look so empty.
We are testing how will they affect gameplay and enemy behavior.
If it feels good, then we can start creating the lore around it and maybe start building different levels.

Demo Coming Soon

We’ve been working a lot on a demo since the last update.
Originally we just wanted to upload one of the builds we tested before publishing the game on steam. But it had a lot of silly bugs, so it wouldn’t make a good representation of the game.
So we decided to just lock some content from the current build and give away that.

-Dev Team