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Froguelike » Update Notes for Version 0.1.1

Hello all frogs and thank you for playing Froguelike!

We have made some small and quick fixes based on bug reports and feedback, if you also want to help us improve the game you can reach us on Discord or in the Steam forums.


  • Use “Backspace” – or “B” on a controller – to go back in the UI
  • Chapter “Hydrophobic” has been nerfed
  • Added a version number that is always visible to help with troubleshooting

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a broken text in the chapter “Ballad in the garden”
  • Prevent unpausing the game while Settings screen is open
  • Prevent unpausing the game when picking up an item and leveling up at the same time
  • Clear damage texts properly at start of chapter

We have also been made aware that we forgot to update the demo. So with this update the demo should now look, sound and feel the same as the early access version of the game, the only difference is how much content there is.

Thank you again, and keep helping us eating all the bugs (both the insect kind for you, and the non-insect kind for us) !
Johanna and Rémi