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Cultivation Story: Reincarnation » Update Notes for Jan 31

-Added zone 7
-Added 3 endings
-Added 8 new techniques
-Added 3 technique combos
-Added 7 groups of cultivation methods
-Added 10 skill combos
-Added 26 achievements
-Added difficulty 8 and 9
-Difficulty level will effect total rooms generated in each zone
-Canceled the feature where 2 bosses can spawn in zone 1

-Added auto save for incompleted runs (at the start of each zone, zone 1 not included)
-Can now access book shelf in character info window regardless
-Fixed a bug where certain combos can not damage defensive formation
-Added move speed stat in character info window
-Updated melee/ranged definition for some weapon combos

-Updated burn status duration 10s->3s, dot delay 3s->1s, damage x3
-Poison explosion reset poison stack -> keep 1 stack, poison enhancement combo poison explosion proc stack 5->1 changed to 5->2
-Added proc damage for stun and slow
-Status effect damage is now effected by character phase level

-Updated dual wield talent, can only equip melee weapon-> can only equip base melee weapons(weapons other than flying sword, rot blade and earth sword; same as before); Skill and sword methods will be removed from method selectable pool when using this talent;
-Updated deceive talent: Each negative lifespan provide 1% final damage bonus, up to 100% -> Each negative lifespan provide 1% final damage bonus, also increase damage taken by 0.25%; No upper limit

-Mastery of body technique extra damage bonus 3->5
-Mastery of spirit technique extra damage bonus 2->4

-Flying sword base ratio 6->9

-Samadhi Fire base ratio 4->5
-Qilin Aura base ratio 1.5->3
-Green Dragon Blast base ratio 1.8->3.6
-Rose Finch Rage base ratio 5->9
-Thunder Strike base ratio 3.5->4.5
-Water draw sword base ratio 4->5.5