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Cultivation Story: Reincarnation » Update Notes for Feb 17

As this is our experimental first game, we did not set a very big scope for this game. And with the v1.0 release it has met and went beyond our expectations. Hence updates will be stopped indefinitely(other than bug fixes).
(PS: Need to take a break from 12-19 everyday work hours, then start to make the next game)

-Fixed a bug where starting phase is set to judgement phase

-Updated technique selection UI
-Dash technique effect transparency will now be based on weapon/skill transparency(lowest of the 2)

-Where body cultivator is mentioned, added description: (mortal with body training)
-Thunder affinity, added description: Multicast is based on skill’s base element
-Updated multi-cast description for elemental chis, eg: Skills with base Metal element will be casted 2 time/times
-Updated exp/tribulation descriptions; Added description for when the tribulations occur