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Cultivation Story: Reincarnation » Update Notes for Feb 15

-Due to a bug where poison explosion can proc poison explosion when poison enhancement is obtained, updated poison stack after poison explosion 1->0, added a 0.3s visual effect cd for poison explosion(Does not affect poison explosion damage, this cd is shared with hit effect spawns on enemies)

-Added body type description: affected by soul bonud skill’s base element
-Fixed a bug where > provide extra set of chis upon loading a incomplete run

-Fixed a bug where the middle technique selection interaction is covering half of the reroll button

-Added weapon effect transparency and skill effect transparency sliders in settings
-Updated technique and cultivation method selection ui and text font size, some previous undisplayable texts should now be displayed
-Fixed a bug where a loaded run that has thunder innate body type can cause the loaded chis other than thunder chi to be changed to thunder chi
-Updated status damage description in chi descriptions: Status damage is affected by 50% of elemental attack and 50% of physical attack/level/chis/extra damage
-Added hints for ? in soul enhancement window: 1:Become demonic and the path of xian is hidden, 2:Mortals can only train body
-Added xian and body cultivator hints in one click switch talent button in soul enhancement
-Added tips for dash and pill usage in tutorial
-Updated lightning ball combo description
-Considering the lag caused by the amount of damage counts of crescent blade combo and hidden fan spin combo, updated their combo effect: x5 damage counts-> Apply 4 extra bleed stack on hit
-Updated release soul feature: Gain 2 secs damage immunity upon soul release