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Scrappage » Update notes for December 9th

With this update, boss fights should get a bit easier. With the new item, you will hopefully have better chances to survive in close combat. Also completely recompiled and rebuild the game – sorry for the big download.


  • new item Last Reserve: Blocks one attack that would otherwise kill you
  • new boss music


  • increased hit spheres radii
  • auto aim improvements
  • reduced boss damage
  • increased boss skill interval
  • reduced Ripper Dog damage
  • increased poison feedback
  • item Fuel gives knockback instead of explosion range
  • increased stats of defensive items
  • shield balancing


  • fixed weak points not getting hit properly
  • fixed invisible robots
  • fixed start character modifiers
  • fixed pause menu skill icon positions
  • minor boss area fixes
  • fixed shields’ passive skills not shown