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Scrappage » Update notes for December 26th

With this update, you can adjust the power of the screen tint effects in the settings menu. The base power of the damage screen tint effect is now relative to the damage taken, so there is no anoying flashing anymore when taking little poison damage.

The last perk (Damage Booster) is really weak compared to the other perks and was only meant (and requested) as an extra when all the other perks are unlocked already. But somehow, almost every new player unlocks them first. Not anymore! With this update, the damage booster perk are now hidden until all the others perks are unlocked.


  • screen tint settings


  • damage feedback screen tint based on relative damage (reduces flickering)
  • reset and hide damage booster perk until max level
  • prevent bosses using strong actions in the first few levels
  • increased random summon duration
  • regeneration relative to max health


  • Turkish localization fixes
  • fixed arrows not hitting damage marker
  • fixed summon sliding
  • fixed drone weapon stats now showing
  • tutorial spelling fixes
  • fixed missing shop bug