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Bing in Wonderland » Update Log

  • Doozie’s damage has been increased, Yiiiiii’s damage has been increased, the damage of the radish has been adjusted, the damage growth of all Boons has been changed, and the mechanism of Greatos has been modified!
  • The charging attack of the gun has been strengthened!
  • Morale is now capped at level 20.
  • Damage numbers have been enlarged (you can adjust this in the settings panel).
  • Some other minor tweaks and adjustments have been made. Can’t remember all of them, but they’re not worth mentioning. Anyway, it’s more fun now! Good!
  • Bug Fixes:
  • Sometimes only two cards appear in the item room.
  • Discarding Boons before entering the Great Tree room might result in no options in the Great Tree room.
  • Other bugs.