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Bing in Wonderland » Update Log

Major Update: The “Easter Egg” character is now more festive!

Major Update: For the “Toad” character, each jump triggers a mini yellow explosion and increases jump height.

Improvement: The Pillow Cannon’s effect has been changed to throw a hat and load 5 cannonballs, with a +50% charge speed.

Improvement: Slow-motion actions like “Butt Slam” no longer interrupt charging.

Improvement: Can’t throw a hat during cannon special move.

Improvement: When using keyboard and mouse, use “Space” for confirmation and “Right Mouse Button” for cancellation.

Improvement: Increased damage for Rocket Head.

Improvement: The size of the “Ghost Shadow” is related to damage; the bigger it is, the higher the damage.

Improvement: After Bing gets hit, stepping on someone will directly put them in a lying down state.

Improvement: Added an encyclopedia button to the Treasure Pavilion and Swap Fun panels.

Improvement: In the Treasure Pavilion, Tavern, and Uncle panels, you can preview the details of the card functions in the current backpack.

Minor Update: Fixed a bug where the volume doesn’t save.

Minor Update: After interacting with an NPC and using the “Not Satisfied” option, it returns to the selected card.

Minor Update: “Give Up Game” option ignores invincibility status.

Minor Update: Increased attack power for “Mountain Cleaving Strike”.

Minor Update: “Standing Speed” changed to “Movement Speed”.

Minor Update: Modified the colors for “Bing Dead” and “Bing Not Dead”.

Minor Update: Improved English version.

Minor Update: Enhanced save file migration.

Other minor adjustments in values.