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Etaine: Magic Survivor (nsfw) » Update Log 2023/12/31

Update list (2023/12/31) :
  1. Added STEAM Cloud saving feature.
  2. Added in-game viewing update log.
  3. Added the effect of attracting the Mana Stone and money after victory.
  4. Adjusted some text colors.nOptimized the beginner tutorial text.
  5. Shows skill unlocks of soul echo.
  6. Re-adjusted the experience required for the soul echo rank (reduced the experience required for the rank)
  7. Corrected the skill tree route icon in the battle.
  8. Added prompt sound when description changes. (For example, in the Encyclopedia, the mouse moves to the skill icon will appear prompt sound.)
  9. Added “Sage Mode”, which can be used by novices to familiarize the game system.
  10. Fixed a bug that caused the accumulation of choices when giving up on Fate Gift.
  11. Fixed a bug that when getting Wheel of Fortune, you would lose the next selection after clicking the give up button.
  12. Fixed a bug that caused the loss of upgrade options after choosing or giving up rewards when Treasure chests, Fate Gifts and upgrade options appeared at the same time.
  13. Reduced the transparency of the time stop effect, making it easier for the player to see the scene.
  14. Fixed the bug that time stop effect of DIO’s Watch replaced by a shorter stop effect by Stone Mask.
  15. Increased the probability of the character’s initial skill.
  16. Change the indicator icon of the Victory Vow to red.