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Mercenaries of the Kingdom: First Blood » Update: Early Access 3.1! NEW LANGUAGES!!!

Hi, Captains of Fortune!

These days, I’ve been working very intensely because I wanted to include more languages in MOTK… but I didn’t think I’d have to translate so many words! 😀

I have chosen the most spoken languages on Steam (except Italian because it is my native language), so don’t be angry with me if yours is not present.
If the game is successful, I will gladly add other languages.

IMPORTANT: the translations (excluding English and Italian) were done using an automatic translator.
Consequently, the quality of these translations will be of a medium-low level, with some terms completely incorrect compared to the context in which they are found.

Consider these translations more like a gift from a friend of yours who, like you, has difficulty interacting in a language other than his native 😀


– The following languages have been added:
Simplified Chinese

– Fixed several typos in text throughout the game.

– Fixed translation errors.

– Some things in the UI have been changed to accommodate the new languages.

I sincerely hope that I have made some of you who did not know English well happy.
I apologize again for the quality of the translations; I hope to be able to improve them in the future.

Finally, from now on I will dedicate myself mainly to creating the Story mode!

See you at the next update!