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Mercenaries of the Kingdom: First Blood » Update: Early Access 2.8!

Hi, Captains of Fortune!

Here I am back after the flood! 😀
I want to fix the main bugs remaining in the battle so that we can move on to the development of the story mode soon.


– I modified the first map (the green one) because sometimes the shops were created at points that were unreachable to the player.
Now all the rock groups have been opened and the player is free to enter them.
It is also possible to exploit these small passages to carry out a sort of Thermopylae tactic, but enemy projectiles must be taken into account.

– The minimap of the previously mentioned map has been updated.

– I finally fixed the bug that didn’t allow you to stack multiple consumable resources of the same type in the same slot!

– I added the functionality of being able to withdraw 3 different types of quantities from a slot:
1) click – get everything
2) LeftAlt + click – pick up only one unit
3) LeftShift + click – takes only half of the present quantity (approximated by default).

– Fixed the bug that prevented the healing skill from being usable.
Now, the higher a mercenary’s healing skill, the more he will heal his companions.

– I also finally solved the formation orientation problem in Formation Mode.
Now, you can build your formation taking into account that the front part will be the one towards the left.
Consequently, when you move into battle, the formation will automatically orient itself based on the direction of travel.
Remember that you can “block” the rotation of the formation by pressing the relevant button (there is a list of commands in Settings/Controls).

– I changed the background colors of Formation mode to have a more pleasant and intuitive perception.

I will still need at least 1-2 updates before moving on to developing the Story mode.

That’s all from my humid studio 😀
See you in the next update, my friends!