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Mercenaries of the Kingdom: First Blood » Update: Early Access 2.6!

Hi, Captains of Fortune!


– I finally fixed the bug with the healing grenade that didn’t allow it to be used below 50fps.
Now, it also works below 10fps, and the bug is also solved for the other two types of grenades.

– The healing grenade can now only heal a maximum of 3 mercenaries within its range.
It was actually really OP; tell me if this is better.

– Red enemies (I call them “Elite”) no longer suffer weapon knockback, so they are more dangerous.

– Water spells have a smaller range.
This change is due to the fact that you told me that the enemies, after such spells, are pushed right onto the player, doing worse than better.
By decreasing the range, the event is more likely to occur in an advantageous manner for the mercenaries.

– Fixed the bug in the cost text of mercenaries and chests, as previously, when the value exceeded 999, it behaved incorrectly.

The game is getting better and better, thanks to you!
If you have ideas and suggestions, or if you notice any bugs or imbalances, don’t hesitate to write to me in the Community Hub.
Each of you is welcome!

Have a nice day, and see you next update! 🙂