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Mercenaries of the Kingdom: First Blood » Update: Early Access 2.5! AUTOMATIC EQUIP ASSIGNMENT!!!

Hi, Captains of Fortune!

In this update, I focused a lot on implementing the suggestions you have given me in recent days.

For now, the MOTK Community is still small, but its users (all of you) are very very active and positive!
I’m very happy with the developer-player relationships that are being created! Let’s continue like this, my friends!


IMPORTANT: finally, it is now possible to use automatic assignment to move items between inventory and equipment!
By using the RIGHT mouse button, items will automatically move to the correct slots. If this does not happen, it means that this exchange cannot be made or that all the slots are complete (for example, weapons) and that, therefore, it is the player who has to choose where to place the new equipment.
This type of feature typically generates various bugs, so please report them to me as soon as you can, specifying the situation in which it is created, thanks!

– Another quality-of-life improvement is introducing the “Esc” button to close any panel (except the inventory).
There may have been some bugs here too, so I trust you to find them!

– The physical collision matrix has been revised and optimized, so the fps in chaotic situations should be better.

– Another increase in QoL is the introduction of green highlighting of skills greater than zero.
In this way, the player will immediately know which fields a mercenary is best at.
In the future, the skills can be increased through training, obviously in the Story.

– Enlarged statistics icon.

– The order in which some objects are displayed to the player on the game map has changed.
The most significant change is that items on the ground will be visible above gravestones.

– The gravestones are larger.

– Healing grenade audio has been replaced with potion audio.

The freeze status effect now deals 1 damage.

My Captains, I need you to do some word of mouth to spread the word about MOTK among your friends.
Being a small developer, the only effective marketing tool I have at my disposal is word of mouth.
Furthermore, if you like the game, I invite you to write a small review on the shop page; for you it’s little, but for me it’s really a lot!

Have a nice day, and see you next update! 🙂