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Mercenaries of the Kingdom: First Blood » Update: Early Access 2.4! WEAPON THRUST!!!

Hi, Captains of Fortune!

In recent days, I have dedicated myself to solving the problems that you have reported to me and to implementing a new feature that could make a significant difference in future gameplay: each weapon now generates a repulsive force against its enemies.


IMPORTANT: each weapon, depending on its size, when it hits, generates a force that pushes enemies away from the mercenary who wields it.
This feature, as well as being pleasant to look at, changes the gameplay because the clash between mercenaries and enemies acquires a physical dimension.
In the info for each weapon, you can see the force generated under the “Thrust” heading.
Honestly, this feature was in my head at the beginning of the game, but I had never implemented it because I was afraid that it would cause the fps to collapse. After doing some tests, it doesn’t seem so heavy on performance, but I’m waiting for your feedback.
I thank the player who suggested the idea to me (and with him, all of you who give me your support every day with your great suggestions).

– IMPORTANT: the formations acquire a new value because now it makes sense to put mercenaries in the front line and others in the second line, as the latter may not be touched by the enemies.

– As you know, all weapons that gain magical vampire powers have the ability to heal the mercenary who owns the item.
Previously, any damage the weapon dealt generated 20% (of that damage) as healing to the mercenary wielding it.
Now, that percentage has dropped to 10% because a sort of invincibility was created.
I need your feedback here, too!

– Fixed the bug with the shield skill, which made it useless.
Now, the skill value indicates the percentage of greater effectiveness of the shield in terms of armor.

– The shop timer now has absolute priority over map objects, so it will no longer risk remaining partially invisible under, for example, trees.


Do you feel the need for some breaks during gameplay?
I’m referring to pauses like the end of a wave of enemies.

I hope you like the new feature; I like it!
Surely, the values will need to be adjusted, but I’m waiting for your feedback to do so.

Thanks to all of you, the game is improving a lot compared to the beginning and for that I thank you! Keep suggesting your ideas, and I’ll try to include them!

In the next update, I want to improve the quality of life:
– Double-click to put the equipment from the inventory to the selected mercenary.
– use the “Esc” key to exit any open screen.