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Greedland » Update Delay Announcement

Hello to all players,

First of all, I would like to apologize to all of you. My son has been suffering from a fever since last week from time to time. I was fully occupied and had to rush around from hospital to home. I could only continue to develop the game after my boy took the medicine and fell asleep. Thus, planned update on 21st about in-game shop and purchasable in-run speical bonuses cannot release on time. I am sorry for the sad news to all your expectations.

The in-game shop is nearly finished and I assume it will be updated this weekend. I will try my best to ensure your experience. I wish you could spare me just a little time, so that I can bring you the update in best quality.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding. Your support is essential to the game development and personally myself.

Vamp He