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Soul Stalker » Update Announcement – Hub and Progression!

Hi everyone!

It’s been about 2 weeks since the last update so it’s about time I announced what we’ve been working on! The video below should do lots of talking…

As you can see, we’ve removed the main menu from the game and replaced it with a hub! That’s far from the only thing that’s different, but I’ll start explaining what this huge change means for how the game works.

Firstly, instead of going to the main menu whenever you start the game or finish a run, you go to the hub. Then, you interact with the “Journey Globe”, select your ascension difficulty, and then you start the run as always.

You may be asking yourself how you choose your trinkets, weapons, and characters? Well, next to the globe there are two posts that you can interact with that allow you to equip and buy trinkets and weapons! There’s also a character post that allows you to see the character quests, as well as change your current character.

You might have also noticed some ghosts and the playable characters around the hub, these will give you tips, lore insight, and just generally funny quips! It should make the world of Soul Stalker feel much more fleshed out.

Finally, there’s the new “Jobs” system that not only allows you to have more variety of runs, but it also ties in with a new progression system! How the Jobs work is that they are presented to you at the job board, and instead of choosing your character, weapon, and trinket, you get a randomized combination. The best thing about this system is that these are all themed to a specific style, an example to illustrate this is that you might get a desert job where all the environments are deserty and the enemies are cactuses and hyenas!

If you’d prefer to stick to normal runs however, you will still be able to play the game as before without touching jobs at all!

Regarding the progression system attached to the jobs, I will leave this unnanounced for now but it should give you all more incentive to play beyond just climbing ascensions!

Also, we recently released a new roguelike called Wanted Shadows! In short, it’s a Bullet Heaven just like Soul Stalker, but it takes the action to the max. You aim your attacks, click to shoot, have a dodge with stamina management, and more!

Both Soul Stalker and Wanted Shadows are part of the Steam Bullet Heaven fest, so not only are they both discounted, but if you get them together the discount is even more extreme! Also, if you own one or the other, you still get the discount on the game you don’t have 🙂

Anyways, that’s it for this update, and as always, I would really appreciate it if you left a review! It’s the best way to support the game!