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Knight Overloaded » Update Announcement and Idea Suggestions


First of all, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who has purchased and enjoyed Knight Overloaded.

We ambitiously promised a major update in November, but it seems unlikely that the update we are currently preparing will be completed within this month. We apologize for this delay.

However, we didn’t want to move forward without any announcement until the update is ready, so we decided to share a sneak peek of what we are working on and seek your help.

-What changes are being made?
  • The growth of characters’ stats by level is being removed. Instead, each character will have unique traits, and you can choose to increase certain stats upon leveling up.
  • The combination methods for blocks (items) will be easier and more intuitive.
    [Example of the new combination preview]
  • Some graphics, effects, and sounds will be improved.
    [Improved shooting effect of a guns]
  • The final wave will increase to 20 waves, and the duration of each wave will be shortened.
  • Item effects and combination methods will undergo significant changes.
    Especially, weapons cannot be combined with different types, but the same weapons can be merged to enhance to a higher grade.
  • There are many more big and small changes!

-Why is the update delayed?

Initially, we planned a content update that simply added new character and blocks. However, as we worked, we noticed many fundamental areas that needed improvement, which led us to ambitiously enhance various aspects of the game.

-What help do you need?

Have you ever played Knight Overloaded thinking, ‘It would be great if this block had this effect’ or ‘It would be nice if there was a new block like this’? We would love to hear your ideas! Although we are constantly thinking about improvements day and night, we believe that the brilliant inspirations from our players can lead us in a better and faster direction. Your feedback, whether short or long, vague or detailed, is welcome. Please share your opinions through comments, discussions, or emails!

We are dedicating all our available time to the update. We know that delivering the update to you as soon as possible is as important as its content itself. Please bear with us a little longer, and we will return with an even more exciting Knight Overloaded.

Thank you!