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Zombie Party » *Update 9.3* Steam leaderboards!!!!


NOTICE: make sure your steam browser downloads the latest patch (9.3) before trying to play online. You may have to restart your browser to initiate the download!

Hey guys!

I just wanted to post a little announcement about the new features/changes/fixes in update 9.3!

I got steam leaderboards beta up and running!

Hopefully it functions correctly! (fingers crossed) The online release was huge exposure for the game and there are some nasty networking bugs I need to squash before full release! I will be ironing those out over the coming month, while still developing new content for the game! Now onto new stuff/fixes!

New Features/Fixes:

– STEAM LEADERBOARDS!!! Have fun fighting for the number one spot! n_n
– Added Vsync option!
– Added talking bosses! (n64 style)
– Improved dialog system!
– Flashing gold and item pickups!
– Popup image, rather than text, when you pick up ammo or gun!
– Spectate mode when playing online and you die – can cycle chars!
– Auto-mod feature! Automatically applies gun mods to held weapon! Mod in motion! 😉
– Easier switching between 1p keyboard/controller use! Dynamic!
– Z now zooms the camera in game!
– Barf mode and ‘f’art!
– New gun mod sound!
– Fixed mods on launcher!
– Fixed local Coop camera going Nuts!
– (client) fixed pickup img scale.
– (client) fixed binary bug.
– (client) fixed player portrait.
– (client) fixed enemy bullet color.
– Delete shop on teleport.
– Fixed Neurolyzer exploit!
– Fixed scrolling past 2 server on server list!

Ill keep rolling out updates regularly this month!
Thanks for the support guys! n_n