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Roguevive » Update #8

Here are this weekend update.

Patch Notes
  • Being far from teammates on online will show arrows pointing to their direction.
  • The damage text now has multiple colors depending on the source of the damage.
  • Fire Ammo effect is now continuous.
  • Fixed Fire Ammo effect sometimes showing behind the enemy
  • Corrected Coop tomb sprite order.
  • Added a confirmation screen when changing Full Screen Mode.
  • Fixed the game not saving the resolution option in some cases.
  • Settings menu added to the in game menu.
  • Fixed a typo in Explosion Step Upgrade
  • Fixed Explosion Step not showing up in the damage dealt screen.
  • New upgrade on the Upgrades Tree, Experience Collector.

Along this week I will rework the upgrades Tree prices and values, I feel some of the upgrades are too weak right now. Also will be working on the next level, that will probably be up on the next weekend.