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The Void Rains Upon Her Heart » Update #78 Winter Sale?

So why isn’t this game on sale this time? Well, the 30 day cooldown described in the previous update ran out one day after this sale started. It seems like it might not be possible to join this sale part way through. We are going to wait until tomorrow, but if it doesn’t work by then, we will be setting our own sale to start on the 24th at 10 AM PST! If steam still doesn’t let us do that, I’m simply going to explode.

(I am so exhausted from this. It sucked a lot of my drive out on this one, but here’s what I got done for this update)

Early Access updated game version to v8.2

Content Added
  • 24 new bounties (Total: 37)
  • Added memory text to all blessings and burdens in the Glass Flora and Veyeral categories (+Anomalies)
Updates and tweaks
  • Increased the score bonus for almost all bounties
  • Adjusted score limits for score gained from bonus gifts and bounties in tower runs. Shorter towers have lower limits
  • Increased the duration of some quick gifts
  • Rebalanced a few blessings and burdens
Specific Gift Adjustments
  • Quick Gift: Small Vitality duration 1 -> 3
  • Quick Gift: Large Vitality duration 1 -> 3
  • Quick Gift: Super Vitality duration 1 -> 3
  • Quick Gift: Armor Heart duration 1 -> 3
  • Quick Gift: Terror duration 1 -> 3
  • Blessing: Syncron now increases helper damage +15%
  • Blessing: Shiny Veyerals helper focus rate increased +25% -> +30%
  • Blessing: Duality duration 3 -> 2
  • Burden: Shiny Rendy shot speed -20% -> -30%
  • Burden: Alter Shanx rank 2 -> 1
  • Burden: Monovai only appears if you have helpers
  • Burden: Flip Flap only appears if you have helpers
  • Burden: Frozen Veyeral duration 4 -> 3
  • Burden: Nix Polyps duration 2 -> 4
Bug Fixes
  • In the stats page, the total shown percentage of bonus gifts was a wrong value

Coming Soon

Next update I’m going to focus on completing at least one of the new 7 monster set. I’ll try to get multiple done as the gems were pretty quick too. But there is a little extra set up to them since they are not “common” monsters. I still have to decide how they will be encountered in story mode.

Next update will be on Jan 12th!

All this regional price nonsense should be dealt with by then and I can stop worrying about it ugh!

Thank you for playing!
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