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Roguevive » Update #7

Hi folks, this was supposed to be a little update, but ended up being quite big.

Bug fixes

  • Improved Spectate camera Stuttering.
  • Fixed players pausing on online.
  • Fixed disconnect on multiplayer causing the game to never end.
  • Fixed the countdown in multiplayer.
  • Fixed the name of teammates getting stuck on some resolutions.
  • Fixed Meat Heal Upgrade not working as intended.
  • Fixed Starfall Sound not playing properly.
  • Fixed Custom Mouse Cursor not showing properly.

Patch Notes

  • When opening the password screen, focus on the password text.
  • Lightning Step radius decreased by 50%.
  • Removed the endless and the difficulty button on the lobby, for non hosts.
  • Changed the logic for auto aim, now change target when the enemy die, instead of when the enemy ends the fading animation.
  • Add music to the online lobby.
  • Added remap key bindings for the upgrade shortcuts.
  • Added Weapon muzzle flash.
  • Fire ammo effect color last longer, making it easier to see.
  • GraviPush color corrected to blue.
  • Reworked the audio in the game, so sounds don’t overlap as much, creating a weird horrible sound.
  • Xp point size increased by 50%.
  • Holding the shoot button now overrides the Auto aim.
  • Player hit box size decreased.
  • Changed the bounce logic, now when a bullet bounce, it will reset it’s lifetime, allowing it to travel further.
  • Changed the logic for reloading, starting the moment you ran out of bullets, instead of waiting for the attack cooldown duration.
  • Revolver damage increased from 5 to 6.
  • Pistol shooting speed increased by 20%.
  • Shotgun bullet lifetime increased by 50% and speed variation decreased by 50%.
  • Green Slime health decreased from 10 to 8.
  • Red Slime projectile speed decreased by 25%.
  • Purple Slime movement speed decreased by 20%.
  • Zombies movement speed decreased by 25%.
  • Skeleton Head size increased by 25%.
  • Skeleton Head hit box size decreased.
  • Crossbow Skeleton projectile speed decreased by 20%.
  • Increased Armor Skeleton health from 95 to 125.
  • Decreased Armor Skeleton Speed by 25%.
  • Decrease the spawn rate of Crossbow Skeletons.
  • Changed the spawn of Medium Eyes for Skeletons and Armor Skeletons, so there is less Enemy projectiles on screen.
  • Changed the curve of Enemy Spawn, so there’s more enemies on screen. The idea behind these changes, is for the game to feel more like you are slaying a Horde of enemies. And since there’s more slimes and zombies, there will more xp thus easing the overall difficulty of the fame.

So, that’s it for patch notes, there are still some changes that I want to try out, some bug fixes here and there, but I am focusing on the next Map, I feel that the game really lacks content right now and I should focus on that.

Thanks for the support.