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Eldritch Exterminators » Update #6: The Loretacular update!

Greetings and Salutations, voidlings! We hope you had a great New Year’s day! Today we are bringing you a smaller update, but one that we hope will start to give you a deeper glimpse into the world of the Eldritch Exterminators. You know those Dark Ones and Elder Gods we reference? Well, they finally have names! Every God has a “type” associated with them, and these manifest in the artifacts you collect as you strive to pass the tribulations. As you create your builds, you may notice we have changed nearly all of the artifact names to match their rarities better. Barring a few exceptions, mundane Artifacts will be something physical that has an effect due to its properties. For example, a mundane artifact could be a weapon stock that reduces recoil. An eerie artifact will usually be something with some otherworldly power imbued in it. You might find a cursed mask, or a Tome that grants you greater power than worldly items could.

For our Eldritch and Unpseakable artifacts, these are aspects of the Dark Gods themselves, and carry some form of their power based on that aspect.This is meant to give you an idea of what types of powers the Gods are known for in the before times.

Along with the lore changes, we have added in a ton of balance adjustments and changes to ensure a more entertaining and fair challenge. Along with some prep work for some major changes coming later. 😉
But more on that later! For now, the patch notes are below, and the changes are in game for your exploration. Let us know what you think, and any ideas you might have! You can provide feedback here or on our Discord!


  • Added the Still Tag
  • Updated the name of every single artifact to be lore-friendly

Artifact Balance

  • Updated the conditions of various artifacts
  • Updated various Curse Effects
  • Blighted Resurgence: 8 Nova -> 12 Nova

Gameplay Balance

  • The magnet map objective will no longer spawn while a boss is active
  • The magnet map objective will no longer spawn while a map objective is active
  • Bomb Map Objective: enemy threshold 90 -> 80


  • Fullscreen setting is no longer synced across devices
  • Improved the visuals of the pause menu stats screen


  • Fixed a variety of typos
  • Fixed various artifacts missing from the grimoire
  • Fixed Loot Goblin giving Base Pickup Range rather than % Pickup Range
  • Fixed Furious Frenzy requiring and removing 2 artifacts when picked up