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NeuroVoider » Update 57 and Japanese are now available!

Hey Voiders!

It’s time for v57!

No big changes to gameplay but quite a lot of bug fixes to make the game rock stable and faster.

NeuroVoider now also supports Japanese!

Here’s the full change log:

  • Japanese localization

  • The Commander skill is no longer in the Unstable random skill rotation during solo games
  • More memory optimization

  • Fixes sound issues on Nintendo Switch
  • Fixes a rarely occurring issue when resuming a save which could make the game to crash during level loading
  • Fixes HP being above maximum when resuming a save from a game saved right after the tutorial level and while being in the first level
  • Fixes a super rare crash occurring when existing the game from a level
  • Fixes an extremely rare crash when starting the game
  • Fixes a micro freeze occurring when the second wave of enemines spawns during the tutorial level
  • Fixes weather particles (e.g. snow, rain…) to silently spawn and stack when the game is paused (this could make the game to severly slowdown when resuming from the pause menu)
  • Fixes a button prompt error on PlayStation devices during the tutorial (R2 was displayed instead of R1 for the class special)