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Synthetik: Arena » Update 24.2 – High Technology

Hey everyone!
Update 24.2 is now live!

Initially intended to be mostly about fixes, quite some new things have summed up, mostly based on community feedback or new impressions after the huge Update 24.
Don’t forget to check out the full Update 24 Patchnotes below if you havent already!

  • NEW – Added Legion Rising Demo version map selection
  • Non Core Defense modes are locked until Core Defense was completed
  • Fixed Star Icons & Added Star icon for Platinum
  • Fixed score for Headhunt not being saved
  • Added some polish & score display fixes to mission menu
  • Category 0 weapon cost from 350 to 300
  • Category 1 weapon cost from 550 to 450

  • NEW – Item/Weapon Database tokens are now saved on class / subclass level no longer global
  • NEW – Added button to reset current tokens to the menu
  • NEW – Added setting for all buffs on top right
  • NEW – Settings menu is split into one more tab to reduce clutter
  • Fixed fonts for certain languages now displaying special characters In weapon / item names
  • Fixed varied issues
  • Fixed Jet boss using Ion cannon ammo instead of normal fusion ammo (Yikes)
  • Fixed Terror level alert not working properly
  • Fixed Item shortcuts updating too slowly
  • Fixed varied other things
  • Fixed an old bug where you would get more credits than intended after having > 2500
  • Fixed hair trigger not making burst weapons into semi auto
  • Fixed Low quality setting making the hear bar very dark
  • Fixed Jimmy the Drone sometimes not being active for Arena supporter pack users
  • Fixed Engineer and Commando Perk issues
  • Fixed character reload animation of AK based weapons, Flamethrowers, Chaos launcher

  • NEW” Teleporter Room change terminals are back
  • (For never players: every third room you can choose to reduce difficulty, or increase with a chance for a special room quest or event)
  • Room events have a 5% chance regardless if teleporter terminal was used
  • Bonus Terminal chance in Military bay or beyond is now higher than usual (10 > 17%)
  • This means more (Wep, Item, Wep upgrade, Item upgrade) Terminal spawns
  • The third room in military bay always has a Weapon and Itemupgrade terminal
  • Timed chests no longer grant less time to open depending on difficulty
  • Defense Events spawn timers scale less with terror level
  • Upgradekit chance slightly reduced
  • Bosses now always drop an upgrade kit
  • Rank 1 enemies no longer drop bonus pickups
  • Rank 2 enemies bonus pickup chance increased

  • Bosses now always drop an upgrade kit
  • Bosses in coop now always use the reactive plating modifier instead of desynced ones+
  • Jet boss now uses Fusion ammo as intended not Ion cannon ammo (bug from Update 24)
  • Jet boss movement speed now scales less with the speed boss modifier, and follow speed minimally reduced 282 > 276 (Remember you are slower when shooting, just run)
  • Unstable Mass (Blob) base health regen reduced from 100 to 75
  • Arena Masters Bossfight Unit health now scales with terror level as any other Boss (0.5x) but capped to 2x hp – we all know they were very easy
  • Assassin level 15 bonus luck removed
  • Assassin level 15 perk added: Knife backstabs steal credits and add a tiny speed boost
  • (has a 7% chance to steal 10x the credits)
  • Assassin just has too much of everything, dodge, crit, headshot damage, pistol damage, critical damage, elite damage, 5° deviation off off all weapons, status effect damage and 40% luck, cant take more than 350 damage – thats just too much stats
  • The new effect pushes more for dagger usage and is more engaging
  • Assassin has 50 more shield, shield regen slowed down
  • This will make the class play more than they should – hit hard and run with a downtime
  • The old assassin shield was more of a “in combat all the time” which is basically the opposite than the rest of the class design
  • Fixed some cheese around assassin decoys, and fixed challenge decoy having 9000 hp
  • Sniper drone ammo now has only 0.3x friendly fire
  • Riotguard Battlecry now deals bonus shield damage
  • Riotguard moves a little bit faster now
  • Riotguard gains a bit more extra speed in bossrooms now
  • Riotguard shield reduced by 200 (Pre U24 value), riotguard shield relay is now 25% faster
  • The opposite of the Rogue classes change, a fast shield that fits the constant fighting
  • of the riot guard better
  • Riotguard no longer starts with 100 extra hp due to already having painkillers doing the same
  • Riotguard now deals 5% more damage with Pistols, Shotguns, SMGs
  • Plasma Grenade now melts together plating for bonus damage like plasma weapons
  • Raider now gains 100/150/200 shields when picking up non dogtags as well (from hotfix)
  • Heavy gunner level 25 now improves the onslaught system (gives item exp that will lead to power increase)
  • Demolisher and assassin max damage taken benefits are now higher in hyper adrenaline mode (450>1000, 350>900) as they basically break the game mode, (HA increases damage taken by 3x so this is still amazing value)
  • Missile drone damage gain per recycling is now 5% – now shows damage bonus in tooltip

  • Flamethrower damage was incorrectly way too high, still is far better than pre U24 now
  • Ion Cannon damage slightly increased, magsize from 5 > 7
  • Tec9 first shot reset time slightly increased (means a bit slower firerate for high accurate taps)
  • Apollon LMG magsize 45 > 50
  • RPK damage from 0.93 to 1.05
  • Small revert to laser cannon buffs
  • Chaos launcher fixed, no longer uses default 5 shot burst and shows 0 as burst amount

!!! Full Update 24 Patchnotes !!!

!!! Full Update 24 Patchnotes !!!


Keep in mind not 100% of Update 24 is applicable to the free Arena Standalone, as some things do only exist in the main game.

We hope you enjoy & Greetings from Germany
– Shrike & Taro