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Crimson Dawn » Update #2 – New Class and New Weapons!

Hey everyone!

It’s been now almost 3 weeks since our last update and due to a recent Covid illness, we had to slightly delay the date as well as the amount of planned content for the current Crimson Dawn major update.
That’s why now we are so excited to finally share something brand new for your adventure in the game.

New Class: Druid

Become a protector of nature, a master of ancient magic with increased resistance. The Druid can equip any weapon in the first slot, but only magic weapons in the second. Druid is tougher than the rest adventurers, he has a tendency to get more healing and the potential to gain the highest defense level.
Special ability: For every 10 damage taken, defense increases by 1% up to a maximum of 80%.

How to unlock: Druid class will be available for hire in the tavern once you complete the 3rd mission on Mystic Meadows map.

New Weapon: Roots

Shoots roots through the ground at the nearest enemy, damaging and rooting them in place for a while. While rooted, enemies take damage over time and also get bonus damage from other weapons.
Druid class uses Roots as a default primary weapon though it is also available for all other classes.

How to unlock: Roots will be automatically unlocked after you hire Druid in the tavern.

New Weapon: Wolf

Summon Wolf companion which stays at a medium range from you, constantly running around and pouncing on enemies, protecting its master.

How to unlock: Wolf weapon will be unlocked once you complete the 4th mission on Mystic Meadows map.


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