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Galaxy Survivors » Update #2

This update is pretty modest, as I didn’t have a lot of time to work this past week.

The Prism

Every 7th level you get, an alien Prism spawns in your proximity. You can ignore it and go with saving the galaxy as usual, or you can break it to unleash random modifiers that’ll spice up the game. Fortune favors the brave – for every prism you break you’ll get a good chunk of data, with a small chance of hitting it big instead of getting any random modifiers.

The Prism can do some pretty spicy stuff such as:

  • Make enemies take only half damage from one of your weapons
  • Shuffle your ship’s class
  • Turn one of your weapons into a shotgun
  • Make wrenches half as common
  • Take you down to a sliver of health, but reward you with loads of XP

The Laser

A new weapon that sends an array of beams that’ll pierce through any enemies. It has excellent range and crowd control potential, but without base damage modifiers it won’t pack a punch.


You can now skip Boss Modifiers. A lot of people asked for this, so here ya go.
Bug fixin’ as always

Next Update

Share your feedback and thoughts. We’re looking to add a good amount of content in the next update, so we’ll need a lot of ideas for Ships, Weapons and Modifiers. Wish ya’ll fun!