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Repetendium » Update 16 – New Boss, New Items and Brazilian Portuguese Localization !

Update 16 – New Boss, New Items and Brazilian Portuguese Localization !

Smaller update here than i was aiming for but my apartment move is taking longer than expected so thought id push this update out as is and move the rest of the content (more items, item art, early biomes) to the next update


  • Brazilian Portuguese Localization !
  • The game now has trading cards, emotes etc for anyone that cares about that kinda thing !
  • New Boss – Vitreous Observer
  • New Active Item – Endless Elixer, heal instantly for 25% hp and 25% hp over 5 seconds, 30 sec cd
  • New Active Item – Underworld Band, wards off excavurms and similar creatures
  • The Grace perk now provides a damage immunity shield for 3 seconds when activating
  • Perks can now be scrapped to permanently remove them from the current run, you start with 3 scraps and gain 1 per 10 player levels upto a max of 10
  • When skipping a levelup you now gain crystals, and if playing in evolution mode also gain underworld essence
  • Elite enemies now spawn less often especially early in a run
  • The Elite Beam ball and Blink effects now require the enemy to have line of sight of the player
  • Betty grenades no longer deal self damage to the player
  • The Starfall active item now provides a 1 second damage immunity shield when landing
  • You can no longer activate the Medkit active item if at full health/shields
  • You can now reset all Evolution mode upgrades at once on the upgrade screen
  • Enemy damage and hp has been reduced for the 1st and 2nd depths

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the default key/button for active item to become corrupted
  • Elite enemies can no longer cast abilities inside a challenge stone aura
  • Elite enemies can no longer walk into a challenge stone aura
  • Mirror with the brawl mod now correctly works with Prisma
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a gamepad to continue to vibrate after ending a run
  • Fixed a bug that caused betty grenades to have incorrect velocities when using gamepad
  • You can no longer move at twice the speed by using keyboard/mouse and gamepad at the same time, lol ?
  • Fixed a bug that potentially reset your evolution upgrade cap from above 10 to 10
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the brrrap ability to be permanently firing