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Zombie Party » *UPDATE 14* – Dev Message

I’m so excited to bring you the next major update for Zombie Party, Update 14! This update adds a ton of new content, a huge performance boost, as well as new game modes and mini-games! The old arcade mode has been replaced with an entirely new game, something I created as a tribute to everyone who has supported zombie party, you guys are freakin amazing! 🙂

Dev Message – (Feel free to skip – more update screens and details below)
Zombie Party was released July 10, 2015 on Early Access. It was a simplified twin-stick shooter with crappy pixel art, but even when I didnt know what I was doing people supported me and gave me positive feedback. A year later it was fully released out of Early Access, because of your support. Zombie Party was my first full-sized project, and was a huge part of my life for years and still is to this day. The first year of development after I quit my job, I hardly made any money, had to get some crappy side jobs, and had to move into a cheaper apartment, but it was so worth it. 🙂 I was driven to produce the product I promised. I’ve poured so much passion, love, emotion, time, and creativity into this project and in a way its a reflection of my ADD mind. Ill probably never create something quite like it again. Everyone who supported this project is amazing, you guys made this entire game possible. Now the game is on its way to consoles and I’m so excited to grow and create new games for you guys to play!

Ultimately, I want to say thanks to you guys for allowing me to follow my dreams and bring my creations to the eyes of thousands of people. You rock! 🙂

Ben ——————————————————————————————————-

Now onto Update 14!


Notes –
– New Arcade mode!
– Arcade mode is a completely new game for you guys 🙂
– Arcade Leaderboards – Arcade mode has its own new leaderboards!
– Huge performance boost for entire game! (game is now compiled with C++)
– Slot machine to win gold, characters, guns, items, and more!
– XL inventory – inventory now can be scaled 2x for better visibility!
– New character Levi, throws chainsaws!
– Tons of tweaks and bug fixes!

Try to survive against hordes of zombies!

Visit the shop in between stages to buy guns and upgrade your stats!

Find the Rainbow Machine Gun! 15 guns to discover – all based on zp guns!

Physics, Particles, Parallax, Skeletons, and Animations!

XL Inventory – just push the expand button! (a much requested feature)

Expand anytime, anywhere!

Gamble your money, and try to get lucky!

Unlock new character, guns, pets, and more!

Or just try to go for the gold!

I always love bringing you new content! Its so much fun to work on. Be on the look out for more content! I dont think ill ever be done with zombie party!