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Repetendium » Update 14 – 16th November

Update 14 – 16th November

This patch is primarily about changing the basic game loop a little to make the game direction a little more clear for the player and hopefully to ease them into the difficulty of the game.


  • The current level goal is displayed in the top right corner.
  • Bosses no longer randomly as events. They now only spawn once the summon bar has been filled and are required to be killed to unlock the level exit.
  • Once you have run out of special perks event orbs will now instead grant 1 levels worth of experience to prevent getting the same perk choices over and over (will be changed once more perks exist)
  • Lowered the health of enemies respawned by the ‘they rise again’ level mod by 50%
  • Reduced explosion delay of Betty grenades by 25%

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where the levelup screen could look like its shaking
  • Fixed a bug where the end score screen could sometimes not show up