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Zombie Party » UPDATE 13 COMING SOON!

Hey guys!

Hope you guys have been doing well and enjoying the Zombie Party! I have been up to my bee knees in various kinds of work lately. Ive been grinding out the next update for Zombie Party, getting Zombie Party ready for consoles, learning about coding for VR (vive), learning Unreal Engine (dont worry Gamemaker is still my first love), and working on a side project with a friend.

I’ve been spreading myself a little thin and decided to buckle down on ZP for the next few weeks, and get you guys some more updates.

Next up is the Halloween update which *should* finish the roster of playable characters including all new weaponry, as well as some other spooky secrets I cant tell you yet.

Stay tuned.

P.S. – Give me your player character ideas!! 😀

Thanks guys Ben