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Repetendium » Update 13 – 13th November

Update 13 – 13st November

This update mainly covers localization being added to the game, the first languages add are simplified chinese and traditional chinese. If you notice any problems with the localization or missing text please report them here or on


  • The game is now localised to Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese
  • Stomp with the twins perk now stomps once and then again after a second
  • Once you’ve discovered and come close to a depth exit a marker will lead you back to it
  • If the health above player option is turned on in the menu, it will also now show your dashes and ability cooldown
  • Reduced amount of smoke and debris when breaking walls

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash that could happen while using a playstation controller and not using steam’s input settings
  • Fixed a bug related to lazer’s hitting a spectral obelisk
  • Fixed bug where Quadrigneous’s legs and body could become separate
  • Chakram’s should get ‘stuck’ in walls less often