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Roguevive » Update #12

Hello everyone, it’s the weekend, so the update is here.

Patch notes

  • Slime hitbox decreased
  • Add elite enemies.
  • Changed the item effects to use GPU instead of the CPU, for a better performance.
  • Added an error message when failed to create a lobby
  • Added an error message when failed to find lobbies
  • Added an error message when failed to join lobby
  • Fixed a bug where pressing space bar would select a level up upgrade
  • Fixed a bug where enemies on the same height would have their sprite flicker between who is in front.
  • Fixed the weapon damage upgrade showing 50% progression when it only gives 25% damage.
  • Changed the auto target logic to ALWAYS target the nearest enemy
  • Fixed the keybindings tooltip not changing when the player change the input.
  • Changed the text “item damage” to “skill damage” everywhere.
  • Fixed the buttons not working properly when first entering the game.

While this update is a little shorter than the other ones, I think a lot of people will be satisfied with the Auto Aim system right now.

Also the Prelude page is up, please feel free to wishlist it.

The prelude page is up.

I will focus now on the Prelude release, I plan on getting Controller Support up on this next week, also will work on some content for the prelude.

As always thanks for the support, and the amazing feedback.