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Fantasy Survivors » Update 119: Crafted adventurer and Spears auto aim

Hi all,

A lot of players have asked us to change the spears to auto aim. I resisted for a long time since I believed the mechanic had it’s place, but since there are enough other weapons for players that like to rush in, I decided to try it. Spears (including the steam lance), now look like they will shine when combined with ranged weapons, where you brush past enemies, hoping to kill them before you actually touch them.

  • Changed spears and steam lance to use auto aim.
  • Added a deal to Brumik for Survivor level 4 players. He will craft a mechanoid that can be hired as an adventurer. The mechanoid uses the Hand of Midas to produce gold coins from enemies. It does less damage than the other combat adventurers.
  • Loadouts now require at least 3, not 2 weapons.

I hope everyone enjoys the new content. I’m sure there will be less complaints about Hilda now.
All the blessings of the new year.

Till later,