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Fantasy Survivors » Update 118: Esme’s trades and QoL improvements

Hi all,

Esme finally offers some deals. Here is the full list of changes in the update.

  • Added loot material deals for Esme. Go visit her in the Workshop.
  • The Enhance Weapon interface can now be used to destroy marbles currently in a weapon. This has the same effect as selling and buying back the weapon to remove the marbles.
  • The Loadout and Bestiary buff is now remembered per character. This is only stored if you select the character and continue to the next screen.
  • In the Shop, Stash, Tavern and Workshop, you can now use double-click instead of selecting then clicking a button. This was only added where a single function is possible.
  • Changed wording so players know that hiring an adventure is a once-off cost.
  • Changed description of the Guildmaster to make it clearer that the Missions map is used to play missions.
  • The Discord invite on the Main Menu will now open the link if you click it.

Esme’s deals will reward you with at least double the cost of the ingredients. There’s a number of new players trying the game over the festive season. Use the Join button to see public games and help them if you can.

Till later,