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Fantasy Survivors » Update 117: Weapon for Sewers, Boat and Workshop UI improvements

Hi all,
We are excited to announce the improved Workshop user interface.

  1. The artisans will now show the material icons and the amount you own.
  2. Added a new map-specific weapon to Sewers (same to Infested Sewer). It is a torch that can be used as a club and it sets enemies on fire. It increases your light radius too.
  3. Brumik is willing to sell the boat he abandoned in the Sunken Caverns. Why not visit him and find out?
  4. Players’s kills are now added together for unlocking the Bestiary. So it’s worth teaming up to complete it.
  5. The Stargazer now has a minimum attack range, so it won’t cause meteors to fall exactly on top of the player.
  6. Mushrooms in the Destroy fungi mission now don’t drop boar pelts anymore.
  7. If you joined a game and all players die, you cannot use Retry anymore. Retry is meant for the player that hosts the game, since we are slowly adding parameters to the session that only the host may have unlocked.

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Till later,