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Fantasy Survivors » Update 116: New weapon for Cursed Sands map

Hi all,

We’ve added another map-specific weapon to the Cursed Sands map. It will be a great help with clearing the mummy and scorpion spawners.

  1. Added Stargazer weapon (magical) to Cursed Sands.
  2. Improved comments on the level up choices, informing players that the weapon will slowly unlock during play. The comment will also tell you if the weapon was found on the map instead of your loadout.
  3. Removed the two chests at the bottom of the Cursed Sands map. We noticed that low level players could easily grab them, ignoring the rest of the map.
  4. The weapon icons will now show unlock progress in green instead of grey, making it more obvious that you are unlocking them.

We are planning a small update before Christmas, adding a seasonal item somewhere in the game.
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Till later,