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Fantasy Survivors » Update 114: New mission and offline achievements

Hi all,

Today’s update let’s you go on a mushroom hunt. We were planning on making the mushroom a playable character, but that will have to wait for a future map.

  • Added a new mission for players that are survivor level 3 or higher. Hunt a dangerous mushroom and bring back it’s loot. You have to survive or the mission fails, even though you keep the loot.
  • Changed the “rescue jeweller” mission to be repeatable.
  • Added some achievements that are stored in the save file and not on Steam. They are only visible in the game. To get the achievements, even if you have the character/equipment/map unlocked, you have to repeat the process by entering a map and leaving through the portal or exit. For the level 100 achievement you will have to reach level 100 again.
  • 100 gold is now awarded per achievement.
  • On the character selection screen we fixed the words that were wrapping in the bestiary drop down box.
  • The bestiary entry for “Giant Rat” was in black. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug that only happened when you died without killing any enemies.

The new mission is 100% playable, but needs some performance tuning, so you might see a few bugs when joining someone playing the mission. We will enhance the map’s performance (remove some stumps and mushrooms) and include it in the next update.

Till later,