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Fantasy Survivors » Update 112 – Bestiary with rewards and a new playable character

Hi all,

We have some interesting new content, which reveals more about the enemies found in the game.

  • The Bestiary contains detailed information about enemies you defeat. Each entry is slowly revealed as you rack up the kills.
  • The Bestiary shows regular spawning enemies and guard types that spawn when you enter their domain. Mini bosses, bosses, guardians and a few others are not included.
  • When you unlock all the enemies on a map, the Bestiary rewards you with an Attribute Bonus, e.g. Movement Speed +10%. The bonus must be selected on the Character Selection screen, just before you start playing. Only one bonus can be used at a time.
  • Brumik offers a new deal to players that are Survivor Level 4. It is a new playable character with interesting weapons. As usual, he requires some rare drops.
  • Monster eggs now drop from all regular spawning enemies. They are extremely rare so start collecting them until we complete the feature.
  • Limit break has been enhanced with Soulfire. When it triggers, surrounding enemies start burning with blue flames. The effect is most useful at lower player levels. Position yourself well to engulf as many enemies as you can.
  • Fixed a problem with the mission progress icon appearing outside of mission maps.
  • Increased the number of enemies that drop metal fragments.

Go ahead and have a look at the Attribute Bonuses you can unlock with the Bestiary. Some of them will be invaluable.

Till later,