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Fantasy Survivors » Update 111 – QOL changes for missions

Hi all,

We’ve made some quality of life changes to the missions and the update also include other small changes.

  • Changed the exit indicator that rotates around the player to point in the direction you must travel to reach the portal. This only happens in missions and helps you find your way back to the portal so you can escape. All missions are mazes and it’s sometimes difficult to find your way back.
  • Your mission progress is now shown, above the chests icon near the mini map. This either shows that you need to find a follower or that you must collect materials.
  • When choosing a mission, the mission description now includes the fact that the enemies spawn faster, move faster and that the guardian arrives after 20 minutes.
  • Changed the message that appears when you find the dog in the lich mission.
  • If a player is below survivor level 4, aura lines 3 and/or 4 are not shown. Added placeholder text so that the player knows when these lines become available.
  • One of the “rescue jeweller” mission maps did not contain a portal. This was fixed.