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Zombie Party » *UPDATE 11*

Whats up guys!

This is the first major update since full release from early access. As I said before, the game is going to keep getting updates, both bug fixes and new content! This update is a little of both!

This update features 13 completely new Artifacts for you to discover and play with. Also a whole crap ton of bug fixes and patches, as well as a bunch of networking optimizations! Have fun playing online! 🙂

Here are the major additions/fixes:
+ 13 completely new Artifacts to discover and play with!
+ Artifacts like – Skull, Fishy, Cat, Rocket, Sawblade, Shield, Eyeball, Sun, Needle, Crystal and more!!!
+ Added ability to kick players from online games, when you are the host!
+ New Slimeking skin, Easier to see on the green grass, new projectiles too!
+ Pets don’t spaz out anymore in the pet sanctuary, and wont run away if your standing next to them!
+ Pet Magnet’s attraction range lowered! Stop stealing your friends coins! 😉
+ Leveled some sounds, especially the explosions!
+ Full controller support/ease of use for online play!
+ Doubled the speed of screen shake resolve, so less headaches!
+ New UI sounds!
+ Pets optimized for MP!
+ Local MP optimized!
+ Optimized server list!
+ Client screenshake can now be turned off!
+ Server name shown on screen of client!
+ Tons of other changes and tweaks!
+ Server is closed after game ends, rather than after loot screen!
– Fixed online crash when defeating boss!
– Fixed a bunch of local MP bugs!
– Fixed help flag staying visible after client left!
– Fixed server info being behind server list!
– Tons of other bugs fixed!

*Full list of changes can be found in the in-game change log in the options menu.

Thank you so much to everyone whose been supportive. You guys are amazing 🙂

Stay tuned, Ill be releasing another update next monday (one week from today)!

Thanks guys!